Conviction (White Rhone)


Paso Robles

$29 / Bottle

Conviction (White Rhone) - 2015

Wonderfully layered aromatics, superb color and a very intriguing palate. Its the consummate winter white food wine. Rich and bold to the initial palate, it is immediately complemented by a veritable fruit bowl of citrus characters; lemon, lime, mandarin and grapefruit. Perfect compliment for creamy soups, chicken, and pasta dishes. Leaves the palate refreshed for that inevitable second helping.

Complexity comes through both varietal mix and an extensive smorgasbord of techniques. No particular one dominating, rather they all complement and contribute to an intriguing style. You will find the influence of both toasty new and neutral french oak. Sur Lees fermentation, lees stirring, partial malolactic.