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Vineyard Attributes

The Brecon Estate Vineyard is adjacent to the winery along the iconic Vineyard Drive in the Adelaida District of the broader Paso Robles A.V.A.


Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs. As avid cavers, Damian and Amanda lived by this during their caving exploration days. The Brecon Estate ownership and winemaking team has worked hard to fully apply this mantra to the forty acre estate and twenty-six acres of grapevines.

Hence, the unplanted quarter of the property is set aside for long term conservation and includes a multitude of majestic 300+ year old oaks. The majority of the property is a generational planting, farmed sustainably, and many of the old vines are effectively dry farmed.

Vineyard Practices

Some of the first plantings in the Adelaida District by a pioneer of the region can be found on the Brecon Estate property. Brecon has had the pleasure of producing Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon from these plantings. These vines are now essentially dry farmed and naturally crop under 2.5 tons to the acre.

The Vineyard Holds

  • Sixteen acres of Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc, from the original, Adelaida district, Bordeaux-varietal plantings
  • Four acres of recently planted Petit Verdot and a new clone of Malbec from Cahors, the second planting of this clone in California
  • Four acres of Cabernet Franc and Tannat, planted in the fall of 2018
  • A number of hilltop sites hidden away within the Central Coast highlands

The unique thing about Brecon

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