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Damian Grindley

A master winemaker and proud Welshman, Damian has been in the industry for over twenty years, and has crafted some of the most highly awarded wines across the United States, Australia, and Europe. During his travels, Damian has explored and mapped some of the longest and deepest caves in the world. His love of limestone and exquisite wines brought him to the Central Coast for the first time seventeen years ago, and when the opportunity arose to purchase Brecon Estate, he knew that it was time to settle down and craft his own unfettered wines.

Simon Hackett

An Australian internet entrepreneur and international investor, Simon has an extreme passion for all things technology related. This drive helped him build the largest privately owned ISP in Australia, which he recently sold to explore new and exciting innovations. In the midst of sitting on two different boards and exploring new technologies the world over, he still has time to enjoy his primary passions: flying and wine.

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Quietly working in the background and enjoying their own pursuits, Amanda and Anna first met back in their teenage years and formed a friendship that has lasted the test of time.

Amanda Grindley

With a love of all outdoor pursuits, Amanda is a keen caver and world traveler. She is passionate about conservation and the great outdoors. Amanda has been instrumental in the design and remodel of Brecon Estate and with such a keen eye for detail, that is prevalent throughout the building, gives her the perfect platform to host you here at Brecon Estate http://www.aidlindarlingdesign...

Anna Hackett

An architect, Anna is working on the remodel of the Australian portfolio of buildings. Her appreciation of old and new designs means that Anna has a keen eye for some incredible transformations and is truly enjoying the experience of Brecon Estate’s remodel with San Francisco based, and Smithsonian recognized, architectural firm Aidlin-Darling Design.

It's all about exploring.

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