Award-winning small batch super-premium wines!

Within Paso Robles West side's many micro climates are unique localities that can produce truly world class wines when combined with the correct variety/clone. Brecon is committed to elucidating the highest quality from these pairings. Producing an exciting range of world class wines and unusual blends there of. Indeed it might be said Brecon skims off the best of the best and is not tied to any one old world genre. So be it.

Food friendly, fruit forward, mouthwatering!

Summers can seem endless in sunny California and what better way to enjoy the heat than a glass of crisp refreshing Albarino on our shady terrace or a delightfully mouthwatering white blend. The cooling influence from the coastal fogs is critical in ensuring a super long growing period for maximal flavor development. Incidentally the resultant wines pair wonderfully with the fresh seafood and salads typically found here on the Central Coast.


Numerous international awards amassed!

In its first couple of years, Brecon amassed over 90 gold/double gold/platinum and a handful of Best-in-Show and Best-in-Class awards from the top tier international wine review publications and competitions. Brecon was recently named “Winery of the Year” by Doug Wilder of the very prestigious industry publication, purely domestic wine report. It's all the more satisfying as Brecon only enters a few select wine competitions and wines often sell out before they are reviewed.


Stealthy single vineyard wines!

Many of our wines are from a single vineyard, single estate or single hilltop but are not identified as such on the label. We are very close to all our Bordeaux wines being sourced wholly from the Brecon Estate "Home Ranch". However as we only have the one hill top we farm multiple calcareous hilltops in the immediate area from iconic vineyards for our Rhone style, Zinfandel, and Tannat programs.


Certainly not your every day blends!

Explorers at heart. The Brecon owners and winemakers are absolutely prepared to go along the path less traveled. Reference their robust Petite Sirah/Zinfandel (The Feral Underclass) or their mouthwatering Albarino/Viognier (The Last Sandwich). Others include the superbly integrated 42 (Rhone blend) and the Syrah/Viognier (Haggis Basher) blend. In reality there is always something new to enjoy.


Proud to produce reserve, small batch wines!

The vast majority of Brecon Estate wines are in the 240-340 case range. This equates to just a handful of select artisan barrels. We feel this is just the right size to build maximum complexity from the influence of differing cooperages. In effect each barrel adds its own nuances and the resultant wine has a much broader spectrum of flavors.