Petite Sirah


Monterey California

$49 / Bottle

Petite Sirah - 2013

Deep dark mysterious hues and monster fruit hit with balanced tannins and subtle a framework of both fine French and complexing American Oak. Great winter warmer, fireside wine. Tuck away under the stairs for a few years, it will reward you well.

2013, a drought year, crops were reduced by 20%. This is a wine that usually sells out within a few months of release! In such years fantastic wine quality is eagerly awaited. Berries are super intense and we work extra hard to make sure the tannins are suitably balanced. Brecon does not remove (Fine) the tannins but builds the wine up by emphasizing the natural fruit character in the wines, thus masking the tannins and giving them super aging potential. It’s a signature of our Petite Sirah’s.