Petite Sirah


Monterey California

$56 / Bottle

Petite Sirah - 2016

A rugged, refined, rakish anti hero. A recurring dream about that fantasy masculine mountain man or perhaps caveman in your life. “The Rakish man is socially masculine. He influences individual people by means of his attitude, his charisma, and his disdain for following the rules of society and not being beholden to other men. He is the playboy, the rock star, the outlaw, the vigilante and, of course, the Petite Sirah”

Made with a devil-may-care attitude, ungoverned, unrestrained ferments (ie wild yeast starters). We use the trifecta of cap management, delestage, punchdowns and pumping over. Then it truly gets interesting when we come to the maturation. It’s a veritable open season on barrel sourcing with selections from Australia, Cognac, and the Appalachian Mountains as well as traditional French forests.