Central Coast California

$54 / Bottle

Syrah - 2014

Forget your typical Paso style Syrah. This is Syrah in a bright exuberant alive almost gregarious form. Truly flavor ripe with a complex framework of both American and French fine oaks. A true foodie Syrah that any Francophile would be proud of. Lifting and complementing a wide range of flavourful dishes without dominating.

This iconic vineyard is planted just 4.25 miles from the ocean off Highway 46 West. By traditional viticultural thinking this would be way too cool and fog bound spot for Syrah. However combine a little bit of shelter from the lee of a hill, a strong drought year and salacious soils then you can produce some intensely bright, fully ripe Syrah.

Interestingly there are some parcels of fruit that are meant to be showcased by themselves. Believe us, we tried adding other Syrahs, Cabernets, Petite Sirahs but all detracted from the unique character of this vineyard. In the end there was nothing for it but to let it mature gracefully in our hand select barrique program for 16 months and bottle in its pure unadulterated form.