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Paso Robles, Adelaida

$76 / Bottle

Syrah - 2016

We have crafted single vineyard Syrah offerings before, but until this release our picky winemaker has never bottled a Reserve Syrah. Complexity is what really sets this offering apart, making it something both special and unique. Three component vineyards, offer differing aspects, trellising systems, clones, soils and even harvest dates to add layers of complexity even before we put it in a myriad of oak options.

There is certainly a “fruit separatist” movement going on in the cellar with these component Syrahs. Think a Sandinista type revolution overthrowing the current administration's philosophy of blending early. In essence the said trio of Syrah’s are forcibly kept separate right until the final blending when they are dramatically thrown together, their natural affinity creating something quite complex, vibrant and eclectic.