Central Coast California

$30 / Bottle

Albarino - 2015

One of our signature wines, and for the first time ever, offered as a pure 100% unadulterated Albarino. These wonderfully crisp yet aromatic food wines have their homeland in the plateaus of Northern Spain where the best examples, like Brecon’s, come from within just a couple of miles of the coast. In California, marine fogs cool the grapes resulting in a long ripening period, super intense flavors and aromatics. Tropical complexity, richness and citrine characters came naturally in 2014 no need for that hint of Viognier we have traditionally added.

The single vineyard Albarino ferment is split several ways and deftly recombined just prior to bottling. Some components receive a neutral barrel ferment and sur lee’s aging while some receives stainless steel ferment and yet others a partial malolactic ferment. All benefit from select yeast strains that emphasize the primary fruit aromatics making them literally leap from the glass.