Central Coast California

$30 / Bottle

Albarino - 2017

Brecon was initially considered Barking Mad for hanging their hats on an Albarino. The wine of course is nothing but serious. Particularly after a previous vintage scored 96 points twice in two days. Aromatically it jumps from the glass with hints of elderflower and lily blossom. The palate is varietally true, being all citreen, with crisp fresh limes dominating. So refreshing. The finish is surprisingly structured with a softness and biscuity toastiness reminiscent of a good champagne. 

Albarino is one of the crisper aromatic varietals. We do all we can to capture these aromatics with long slow almost icy cold ferments. Our yeast choice is vital and the light fluffy lees component is fermented/matured in barrels. This enables us to stir these lees biweekly giving a rich, toasty and biscuity, blending component that complements the mouthwatering acidity. 

The Spanish Springs Vineyard has been the core of this program since inception. It's unique flavor
profile has garnered a particular following and much critical acclaim. Perhaps this comes from the
seemingly endless growing season and resultant hangtime as the vineyard is a mere 1.8 miles from
the ocean. Close enough to catch a few waves during your lunch break. However in 2017, retaining the “Vineyard style” involved a cunning blend involving a couple of other iconic Albarino vineyards.