1. We have a winner!!

    Platinum 94 point

    2016 Brecon Petite Sirah

    A rugged, refined, rakish anti hero. A recurring dream about that fantasy masculine mountain man or perhaps caveman in your life.

    “The Rakish man is socially masculine. He influences individual people by means of his attitude, his charisma, and his disdain for following the rules of society and not being beholden to other men. He is the playboy, the rock star, the outlaw, the vigilante and, of course, the Petite Sirah”


  2. A Cave Exploring Winemaker Getting Down and Dirty

    A Cave Exploring Winemaker

    A Great Article by Damian and Wine Country This Week
    A Cave Exploring Winemaker : Down and Dirty

    Wine Country This Week: Paso Robles Wineries

    The Rhone Rangers

    Paso Robles CAB Collective

  3. San Francisco Chronicle shines on Westside Paso Big Reds

    http://thepress.sfchronicle.co...... 'While wine is certainly the focus of the fun in Paso’s Westside, there is much joy to be had in simply looking out of the window as you drive from place to place, as this region is one of the most bucolic on the planet...' Matt Kettmann

  4. The Brilliant 2016's from Paso Robles


    ..'This is the finest set of releases I’ve tasted from Brecon Estate, this is a tiny, family-run operation located off Vineyard Drive. The wines are made by Welshman Damian Grindley and are mostly Rhône inspired blends..'

    Scoring Big!

    Brecon Estate Feral Underclass 94 Pts

    Brecon Estate Syrah, Glenrose Vineyard 93 Pts

    Brecon Estate Forty Two 92 Pts

    Brecon Estate Mourvedre 92 Pts


  5. Best Local Desert Wines!

    Sugar and Spice and all things nice, thats what our Late Harvest Zinfandel is made of!