Magnums for Christmas - An Exclusive Brecon Wine Club Experience

The magnum is in the building!

It took ten years, but Damian finally did it. As part of Brecon’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration we are officially releasing our first magnum. It took a minute to get the blend and design perfected, it also needed a little time in bottle. And now, The Mag, is ready for its debut as we request your presence at the Magnums for Christmas release party.

Join us on Sunday, December 11th, we'll pop some mags (along with a few other just-released wines), enjoy pizza, and get into the Christmas spirit - Brecon style. There may also be a few other holiday surprises…

Pizza provided by Chef Nathan of trattoria di LUCA, an Italian-trained Paso chef with his own pizza oven. Music by Amy Estrada, a local country singer who made her way to Nashville and back again.

This is a Brecon wine club exclusive event. Members can purchase up to four tickets per wine club membership.