Wonderful descriptors from the Connoisseur Guide

BRECON ESTATE Reserve Petite Sirah. Monterey 2015. 90 Pts.

"Here is an unabashed showboat that races away from the grating tannins and sternness embodied in classic Petite Sirah, and it has one foot over the line to opulent excess and the other drawing close. It also possesses a wealth of varietal pepper and herbs with highlights of minerally earth, and, from its intense aromas to its extravagant, spiced-berry flavors, it simply oozes with very ripe, oak-enriched fruit and smacks mildly of jammy sweetness here and there. Subtle it is not, and it most definitely will not win favor with those who prefer their wines on the lean and lighter side but adventurous fans of big, unashamedly ripe, very rich reds are encouraged to give this one a try".